Behold the power of Evernote

How many devices do you have?  Do want to share information across all your devices AND have access to it when at a computer that is not yours?  How about sharing documents between co-workers or friends to collaborate on?  
I would suggest taking a look at Evernote and the tools that are available to work with it.
It's available for the PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android.  You can also access your notes from the website.

Roku - Netflix and much more

If you have a high speed internet connection and are looking for a way to watch internet video on your TV, take a look at the Roku Streaming Player (


One remote to rule them all - The Logitech Harmony Remote

How many remotes do you have? How many "universal" remotes have you tried? Isn't looking at that little book and finding the codes for your device (which might not work) so much fun. Let me introduce you to the Logitech Harmony remote. All of the Harmony remotes are programmed via your PC. You plug it into your USB port and using the included software enter in your various devices. After setting up the devices you set up various tasks on the remote.


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