Behold the power of Evernote

How many devices do you have?  Do want to share information across all your devices AND have access to it when at a computer that is not yours?  How about sharing documents between co-workers or friends to collaborate on?  
I would suggest taking a look at Evernote and the tools that are available to work with it.
It's available for the PC, MAC, iPhone, and Android.  You can also access your notes from the website.

Evernote isn't just about text documents.  You can use it to save files, pictures, etc.  Another powerful feature is the "web clipper".  If you are on a website and have the Web Clipper installed, you can select text or pictures to save to a note.  That note will then be saved to your account.  


Have you ever seen something and need to remember it when you get home?  Take a picture with your phone and make a note.  I know some people who take a picture of their parking spot at the airport  or mall.  


One of there really nice things about Evernote is that you can place tags on your notes.  That way you can go back and find things based on topics you tagged them with.  For example, lets suppose you are reading an article about a restaurant or see a something about it on TV.  Just make a note, tag the location, and then when you visit that place, you can look it up.


For vacation, you can create a notebook and keep track of your schedule, reservations, packing checklist, and things you want to do (while on the trip, you can mark the things you DON'T want to do again too) 


Do you attend conferences?  If you meet someone or visit a booth, take a picture with your phone of them and their card.  You can then search for their name since Evernote will capture the text from their badge or business card.  (


So, how do you think Evernote could help you in your everyday life?