Support one of my favorite podcasts - IOS Today

One of my favorite podcasts, IOS Today, is in need of more subscribers. 
IOS Today is dedicated to devices running IOS like the iPhone and iPad.   They cover different topics each week and give the latest IOS device news.   Then there are the 2 weekly secitions, Shortcuts Corner and App Caps.


Creating an iOS shortcut to set alarms for bi-weekly meetings

This shortcut will allow you to have an alarm set to different values based on whether you have your bi-weekly meeting this week or not.


Using live activity on the iPhone

Live activity is a new feature added in iOS 16.  It allows applications to post information to the dynamic island on the iPhone 14 Pro and on the lock screen on other phones.   This demo show how to have live sports scores posted to these locations.



iPhone shortcut to control orientation lock when using YouTube

Here is a video which demonstrates how to change orientation lock when running YouTube.   This can be used with any app like photos, etc.


Creating an iPhone shortcut to control alarms based on your calendar

Here's a video that demonstrates how to control an alarm based on your calendar events.   In this example I will turn my work alarm on or off based on a calendar event that says if I am working a weekend or not.



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