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Nepotism is alive and well at NASA

In 2010, NASA started a competition to have private companies provide crew transportation to the International Space Station.   This is supposed to be a competition where the best performer will receive the most business.   Based on the history of the contracts and NASA's actions, it's pretty clear that this is not the case.
There was a news conference this past week talking about the progress and planning for NASA's commercial crew initiative.  
In this meeting and previous actions, NASA has shown their preference for Boeing over upstart SpaceX, despite SpaceX out-performing Boeing. 
Why is Boeing getting preferential treatment?

Apollo program - What could have been

What were the plans for the Apollo program after the initial moon landings?   What could have been if America had not abandoned the Saturn V and all the Apollo technology?   

Thoughts on the last shuttle flight

With the last launch of the Space Shuttle today we are entering another period where the US lacks its own manned spaceflight capability.  We are relying on the Russians for transport to the International Space Station.  In my opinion this is a dangerous situation.

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