Support one of my favorite podcasts - IOS Today

One of my favorite podcasts, IOS Today, is in need of more subscribers. 
IOS Today is dedicated to devices running IOS like the iPhone and iPad.   They cover different topics each week and give the latest IOS device news.   Then there are the 2 weekly secitions, Shortcuts Corner and App Caps.
Shortcuts corner takes questions from listeners and helps them create shortcuts to do various things with their iPhone or iPad.  I was introduced to shortcuts through this and learned to make a lot of things I do on my iPhone easier.  (and shorter)\
In the App Caps section the hosts, Rosemary Orchard and Mikah Sargent, wear hats (sometimes silly ones) and talk about an application or gadget for your iPhone or iPad.  I've learned about some very useful apps and utilities from this.
Please subscribe to IOS Today at to help support them.