The Mind of FERG is back thanks to Amazon Web Services

After a several month hiatus, is back up and running.  I had some hardware issues while I was away on vacation, and some of the drives on my storage server were lost.  
Fortunately, I had the site backed up (yes, I practice what I preach !).  However, my mini-datacenter at home continued to be down due to some UPS issues.  I was hesitant to put the servers online without it, so it sat idle while I dealt with other projects.
Right now, I am taking advantage of the 1 year free trial of Amazon Web Services.  (  For anyone looking for a Linux or Windows server to play with, I would whole-heartedly recommend this service.  
I will be posting some new content in the next few weeks, including my review of "the new iPad" (aka the iPad 3), as well as more thoughts on the future of the US space program, and the state of innovation in the United States.
If you have any technical topics you want me to address or have any questions, please let me know.