Security Advisory - LinkedIn password breach

Yesterday, June 6th, it was announced that a large security breach had occurred at LinkedIn.  This security breach was a large file containing password hashes.  
A password hash is how your password is stored on a server instead of as plain text.  It is advised that all users change their password immediately.
While the danger on LinkedIn is minimal, the real danger lies in the fact that many people use the same password at mulitple sites.  So, if you use your e-mail as your ID on LinkedIn, and used the same password for your e-mail your e-mail could be vulnerable.
So my advice is to change your LinkedIn password and any passwords on any other sites that may have used that password.
If you are curious and want to see if your password was leaked, goto  Just type in the password and you'll find out if it was leaked or not.  Even if it was not, you should still discard that password as comprimised.